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@funcountess Nature is funny – you can't rush it. At the store, your shrubs may have looked nice and healthy from the top, but if the roots were "pruned" to fit the pot or damaged by the way they were handle between field and pot, the have to establish first to get a healthy plant. In that case, too much fertilizer, trying to force top growth over root production, can actually stress the plant and make it less healthy. At most, shrubs should be fertilized twice per year with a general purpose fertilizer. I generally use a time-released one, applied according to directions, around the root zone of the plant. By the way, one of the selling points for Indian Hawthorn is that it is slow-growing, so maybe your neighbors actually plant 2, 3 or 5 gallon shrubs?

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Hello Sue,
Thanks for all the info.
At Home Depot the kid in the nursery dept. said Indian Hawthorne was a fast grower. A lot they know I guess.
My regular Gardner. is the one who tells me fertilize often. I will cut way back, and tell him too much fertilizer on the bushes is not good.
His answer to everything is more water and more fertilizer.
His helpers do not understand English,so I must stay outside and watch them, as they are known to pull flowers and leave weeds.
It’s a common problem with the gardners in my area.
Yesterday, Saturday had a burst of energy. I cut roses for 2 hours, trimmed some tree branches, vacuumed half the house, and washed floors in 3 rooms.
Today, it’s laundry, and more rose trimming.
My niece is staying with me, and helping to get stuff ready to take to charity. Us Americans have so much stuff,it’s time to give to charities, so they can get things to those less fortunate.
I’m a big believer in donating, to help others.
Hope your thumb is getting better.
Thanks again for all your good advice.