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No walking today, Sunday, first time not out on at least 2weeks. Got up too late so anytime after 7 is just too warm. Slight haze here again . We have had no rain so the afternoons don’t cool off and the nights stay in the low 80s. I miss the late afternoon thunderstorms.

Last night I walked around my house 10 times. Will do that again today a few times….I get antsy sitting too long. Staying away from the gym for another week.

FL has an open container law…driving or walking. You can be arrested for public intoxication or just carrying a drink in public.

Very quiet in the area and have not seen the usual walkers except for those with dogs.

FL Mary

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@imallears Normally by this time of day I have more than an hour into my allotted outdoor activity for the day. Not today. Yesterday my husband arrived back home at 1:30AM. We both got about 5 hrs sleep, then set out to get errands done, rental car returned, etc. Lots of walking in the stores, then home to get groceries put away. I decided that Sundays would be a day off; this week we were rewarded by a small deer herd coming through the backyard, then working their way around to front yard. They perused the areas where I have been pruning and chopping, helping clean up what is still there.
Tomorrow I will start all over again, walking, weeding, whatever for those two hrs each morning. i lve the early hours.

@imallears, I've done the inside house walk routine because of weather a few times too and while it doesn't make my top 20 list of preferred activities, I'd remind myself that "motion is Good for you, keep at it, sister!"

I spent the summer after college grad. working in Corpus Christi. It was my first lengthy experience with high humidity. At that time, it was popular to wear the highly sprayed bee hive, Big Hair, "do"…looked like a mass of cotton candy! The summer combo of heat with humidity was like a suffocating blanket for a gal who'd grown up in a hot but very dry clime.

Is your haze due to the Sahara dust whirling our way or is this a more typical occurrence in your area?

Staying away from your gym routine must be hard but so glad you are taking extra precautions as the Covid spread continues its rapid spread through both our states.

A friend shared a homemade meal with me yesterday. I nearly inhaled it!! Realized later that that was only the 2nd meal I'd not prepared since March. Yes, it was good but really!!! Even Dr. Fauci reported driving to pick up take out restaurant meals…what a chicken am I! lol