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@imallears, Mary, I put things out in plain sight as a reminder for me to use them too. Sometimes the counters and "parking areas" stack up! vbg

TX has a "No Container Law" which prohibits leaving an establishment serving alcohol with a "to go" container. A few years ago at a celebratory luncheon, two of us poured our drinks into a "to go cup", pd our bills and were chased by the waiter asking us to stop as we were walking out. "I can lose my job and the restaurant lose its license if you carry those drinks out!" Of course, we didn't know the law but it was embarrassing.

Regret that you and family have friends now diagnosed with the virus. I fear that will become more and more common for us all as this killer continues to spread.

Your remark brought a smile: "I would sincerely like to unsubscribe to my 90 day free trial of 2020." Is membership open for others of us to join you????

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No walking today, Sunday, first time not out on at least 2weeks. Got up too late so anytime after 7 is just too warm. Slight haze here again . We have had no rain so the afternoons don’t cool off and the nights stay in the low 80s. I miss the late afternoon thunderstorms.

Last night I walked around my house 10 times. Will do that again today a few times….I get antsy sitting too long. Staying away from the gym for another week.

FL has an open container law…driving or walking. You can be arrested for public intoxication or just carrying a drink in public.

Very quiet in the area and have not seen the usual walkers except for those with dogs.

FL Mary