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@lilypaws,@fiesty76,@lioness,@athoub,@imallears, @becsbuddy – Take a few minutes to read this.

Q – Can I continue to exercise even if I don't feel well, or should I hold off until I start to feel better?
A – Learn the answer in:Mayo Clinic Q and A: Exercise is important for body, mind
We are moving in the right direction, all of us!!!

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woow thank you for mentioning me … really this is an important question for me ….i'll read it carefully 🌷

@rosemary, Thanks for posting this informative guide, Rosemary. Really liked the "above the neck" idea because if there is no fever, it will be easy to remember. Alas, the recommended strength training is where I can fall by the wayside all too often. While digging in the yard would qualify, just bending over to plant seeds might be a stretch, right? Smiles. Thanks again for the link!