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@funcountess Big Box plants may be "zoned" for your area, but are probably are not grown in your area unless you live in a very small part of the SE US wherenthey grow things on huge plantations. The plants may or may not be the best specific cultiver for your area. Then they are dug, put into crates and sent to potting centers, potted then crowded onto racks and trucked to local distribution centers, held there until ordered by the stores, put in another truck and sent to the store, offloaded and tended by employees who may or may have any knowledge of plant care. Along the way, the may be subjected to heat, cold, darkness, lack of water, too much water…

Local wholesale nurseries grow their own plants or get them from a nearby grower, pot them, and deliver to the local retail nursery or the customer for sale or planting. The local growers know the best and most successful cultivars for your exact area, climate, soil type and rainfall.

Which palnts do you think would be happier and more successful?

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Thanks Sue,
Never thought of that. Always thought a one gallon, is a one gallon no matter where it came from. Do you have any favorite dry fertilizers? Would love for the Indian Hawthorne to grow faster. are you familiar with the bush? They have pretty pink tiny flowers on it in the spring and summer.
How is your thumb doing? Are you healed yet?
Stay well,

@sueinmn, Excellent information and explanation on the big box plants vs the local wholesale growers and nurseries. I do sometimes buy seasonal "annual fillers" for extra show from the big box sellers but spending a bit more for the locally grown and sold "keepers" pays dividends to me in the longer term. Smiles