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Please which group should I join I have varicose vein?

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@rejugochukwu, Welcome to Mayo Connect. I am that you have found Connect. While I am not experiencing varicose veins, I do remember that my mother had them and for years considered getting them treated, but never did. Looking back, I sometimes wonder if she were alive today whether she would look into seeking care.

I have found a discussion in the Heart & Blood Health Group > Treatment for varicose veins. If you click on the blue text, you will be taken directly to the discussion, and you can post your question for others to see. I will look for you there. Let me know in a reply to thie post if you need help. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/treatment-for-varicose-veins/

Are you interested in learning about varicose veins? Here is informatioin from the Mayo Clinic Patient Care and Health Information: