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Went out a little late today for a walk and just did 1.5 instead of 2.5 miles. There was haze in the sky and an occasional breeze. The haze made the sun more comfortable. Expected to be 96 in my area today and there is a heat advisory warning out from noon to 6 pm, I was actually weeding a bit in the early evening but not for long. Keeping my weights and step up on in plain sight so Ill be motivated to exercise.
Yes, the bars are open and they can only serve drinks in To Go sealed containers. So I guess there will be people congregating in parks with their containers. Don’t know if they are limiting the number you can buy. Hope they jog home instead of driving.

All I see is FL on the news. More cities, especially the vacation areas south of me, are mandating masks. More people than not are wearing them now but I did see 2 women in Target without them last week, after the mandate went into effect in my county. You can buy masks almost anywhere now.

My adult children both here and in Orlando are getting news of friends who are sick. I have known the ones where I live for many years…all in their 50s and 60s.

When things return to normal or the new normal, I have decided to wear a mask during the flu season.
I would sincerely like to unsubscribe to my 90 day free trial of 2020.

Take deep breaths and do breathing exercises while you are walking. Keep moving and eat like your life depends on it.

FL Mary

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@imallers Your life may depend on it that made me laugh but maybe true. I just hope now that they have these to go drinks that they don't toss there containers on the ground ! Some will probably . I haven't gone out yet I'm not a early bird so will get my self together soon and go for my walk .

@imallears, Mary, I put things out in plain sight as a reminder for me to use them too. Sometimes the counters and "parking areas" stack up! vbg

TX has a "No Container Law" which prohibits leaving an establishment serving alcohol with a "to go" container. A few years ago at a celebratory luncheon, two of us poured our drinks into a "to go cup", pd our bills and were chased by the waiter asking us to stop as we were walking out. "I can lose my job and the restaurant lose its license if you carry those drinks out!" Of course, we didn't know the law but it was embarrassing.

Regret that you and family have friends now diagnosed with the virus. I fear that will become more and more common for us all as this killer continues to spread.

Your remark brought a smile: "I would sincerely like to unsubscribe to my 90 day free trial of 2020." Is membership open for others of us to join you????