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@fiesty76 I am staying as safe as I can . The other problem we have is the mail. This post office here delivers the mail but refuses to deliver the boxes if they don't fit in the mailbox. So a friend here has been on them about this she even sent a email to Washington D.C. post general he did reply to here and they are bringing up all the boxes today . Good for her but she volunteered her and me to organizing them and have everyone who has boxes to come down . Vincent who is only in his 50's will let people know who have boxes . Wasn't that nice of her . lol I told her she is like a dog with a bone. You take care . I see in Fla the Mayor told the bars they cant serve alcohol guess just the food . Wonder how that will to over . Be safe

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@lioness, Hmmm, comes as no surprise to us that our friend, Linda, was "chosen" to help organize and distribute the boxes coming in the mail! You remind me of my friend, who I so often teased that she was like the little ever ready battery, that never stops while some of the rest of us have trouble starting. Smiles So glad you are doing all you can to protect and keep yourself as safe as possible.

Yes, our Tx gov. has followed the FL gov in finally wearing a mask at briefings and shutting down bars. Now the fed. gov't is withdrawing funds for Covid testing and both states are among those losing funding. Despite the rampant, daily record rise in case numbers, our states "have this virus under control"…Goodness, I've even read and heard that it will soon disappear "on its own". There are clods out there and all over the place who really seem to believe this is true!!! Give us a bloody break already.