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@funcountess Thank you for your suggestions and encouragement. I like the sound of your bed. I have had xrays and I had the good MRI fairly recently. It's funny but I never really have had it explained exactly what is wrong. I know I have disc problems but that is not all. One specialist looked at my MRI and just kept saying Dear dear me, deary me, which was a bit disconcerting. I think it is a mixture of things. They just say I have pain for the rest of my life and there is nothing they can do. Some of it is age and bad backs run in my family. I have really abused my body too with over exercising and activities that you pay for as you age. I started my bad back problem at age 40 and it has gone on from there. I also have osteoporosis but I take Alendronate which improved things. I have a good ART therapist and I have massage and I am still learning what makes my back pain worse. Some stretches are not good. Walking seems to be ok. I might look at those beds.Thanks. You are very kind.

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Hi Pollyanne
Do you mind if I read some of your posts to a relative, he’s a retired orthopedic surgeon in California.
Dear,dear me dear me is not a diagnosis. What kind of doctor would say that to a patient?
You,DO NOT need pain all the time. There are injections that releave pain.when the inflammation is lowered, there is less pain. It’s a series of 3 injections over a period of time.
You need to know what you have, and it needs to be explained to you, in laymans language, so you understand. The more you know the better for you.
As for the bed well worth it,as I mentioned friend loves hers. That was a Christmas present to herself.
Since you have the name of the adjustable call around to your mattress stores, maybe the big island would have more stores.
All I can say is i love mine.
Take care

@pollyanne Hi Wanted to let you know I also have an adjustable bed with massage love it . Before I even get up in morning I use the massage for my back and its better then in the morning also have a massage and heat in my recliner . I use this a lot also the heat feels so good on my back. Like funcountess says they are expensive but monthly payments make it easier to buying it .