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@funcountess I don't think they have any open ones in Maui but I did have an Open MRI in Tucson, Arizona. I had an awful time handling it as it wasn't very open. In the end they gave me some 'backward' looking glasses which when I wore them I could see the hole at the end of the tube. There were also a few inches open along the sides. I hated it and my husband stayed by my side through the whole thing. The MRI was for my back and my neck. A few years later they gave me a sedative intravenously to put me to sleep while they did a closed MRI because they give better pictures. I seem to be a troublesome patient, so @mayofeb2020 has nothing to fear. There are a lot much worse than she is. Thank you for your suggestions. I hope I stay healthy.

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Hi Pollyanna,
How many years ago did you have the open and closed MRIs?
The newer machines are more open.
I had a few family members who could not take the closed machines, but they did not put them to sleep. They just refused, and that was the end of that.
What about plain old xrays?
Do you have disc problems?
Time to time I get low back issues, with nerve pain running down my leg.
Rest, no lifting, and keep walking to a minimum, and a few days later symptoms are gone. I use a rub also.
I will let you in on a little secret. Some years ago I made a purchase of a Leggett and Platt adjustable bed.
It also has a deep message in it.
Well worth the price.
One of my neighbors bought one last December, she loves it.
I think it really helps when my back acts up.
I’m wondering if the newer open MRIs are on the big island?
Were your doctors checking for osteoporosis?
Take care,