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Great idea, Becky! My self-challenge for 2020 is to walk 3xs/week. I chose Tues, Thur, Sat and set no distance or speed goals but started with 15 min. Main objective was to honor my commitment and see if I could do it rain or shine.

Last yr my challenge was to see if I could go a year without purchasing a single new wearable. Despite an unexpected 30lb wt loss and wearing out 2 belts, I achieved the goal. That discipline did wonders for my self-esteem so chose to tackle a "routine", another tricky challenge for us creative types.

No record for sure but nearly 2 mos into the yr, I've made it to the mall or large box stores during inclement weather for my walks. Specifying the days helps keep me accountable. Important for me to keep the goal achievable and would like to participate with 3 days each week. How will this group stay in touch???

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I felt the same way about joining a fitness facility. About 5 years ago, I decided to summon the courage to give it a try. I found that people are focused on their own workout and not paying the slightest attention to what I am doing so the apprehension wasn’t warranted. Now I love going and really miss it when I can’t go for some reason.

@fiesty76 Wow, what an inspiration you are!! Glad you joined us! Hope we can keep up with you. We’re going to stay in touch through this discussion. The goal is to give everyone (me included) some motivation and encouragement to keep going.
So what caused you to lose 30lbs? That’s a lot of weight! I lost 20 lbs, but have gained it back. 😑 I have an autoimmune disease called clippers. Sure changed my life! But, what is, is. Becky