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Jennifer, I like the information in your post. My friend said she has begun reading this thread but she obviously has not posted anything herself yet. I like what you said about overcoming the fear. I also agree with you about the importance of finding the right doctor/team. it made me think of that TV commercial where the patient and his wife meet the surgeon who has just been "reinstated" and tells them that he is nervous about the operation too but says "we'll figure it out" just as the guy is about to be wheeled into the OR. Definitely hilarious, but not so much when it's real. I saw you posting over at the neuropathy websites, so one of your outcomes was PN apparently? Now that is frustrating! I see my wife every day suffering with that and can hardly believe how helpless I feel. She just suffers and suffers!

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@jesfactsmon Yes, I know that commercial about the "re-instated surgeon". We all should keep that in the back of our minds and expect the best from our doctors. I did search the state medical boards that license physicians to make sure that any doctor that I wanted to see was licenced and has not had disciplinary action against them and I recommend that patients do that. Doctors need to earn your trust with their expertise. Having blind faith as a patient doesn't help you, so ask questions. There are also online success & complication rates for medicare patients for specific procedures for surgeons and the institutions where they practice, so you can compare them. That doesn't really tell you how it relates to your case, and Medicare patients might have a lot of other health issues that can add to the complication rates. Insurance companies also keep track of success rates, and you can ask them for the information. I have physical issues that cause nerve compression with tight tissue and work on that in physical therapy. I have thoracic outlet syndrome which is nerve and vessel compression in my neck and shoulder. I also have been a caregiver to my elderly parents and have learned a lot advocating for them and the moderators like to call on me for input about a lot of topics. Sometimes, I find medical literature and post that. In my PT, I do a lot of myofascial release and I started the discussion on that. It can help neuropathy if there is a physical cause, and it helps break up surgical scar tissue. I'm sure this has helped me in my recovery from spine surgery. You might like to look up TED talks about fear. I hope that I will be a presenter there one day and tell my story about how I overcame the biggest fear in my life. Thanks for your comments.

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