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thank you so much! this really helps a lot. Wishing you all the best!

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I am glad I could help you in some way. You will meet nurses and nurse's aids of many nationalities. I was pleased with most of them.. even at the best of hospitals there are some that need to do their jobs better, but you will find very few of them at this hospital. Hopefully it has not changed since 2015. I go for a check up and probably endoscopy around May. Not sure when I will make the appointment for.

Oh, I forgot to mention you can order your meals from the patient's room if you like the food. I know I ate at the cafeteria at sometime, but I cannot think of what I ate or if I liked it. I was on feeding tube in 2014-15 and I only had some pureed food in my room which I only ate a few bites of.. and I cannot even remember what it was now. Things can change a lot in few years.. so maybe the food is more likable to my Southern husband. Last year on the way home from me having an endoscopy he stopped at What A Burger 😁