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Thank you! What did your husband do about showers etc? Did he rent a hotel close? Would you mind sharing which one was easiest?

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@sueand My husband is retired Army. We have a travel trailer and stayed at Mayport Naval Station. They have two rv parks and 3 cabins. It takes somewhere between 20-40 minutes to get to hospital and find a parking space. We have a full size extended cab pickup to pull the trailer so have to find an parking spot it will fit.. usually not too far. For those with motorhomes there is a parking lot for them, but no overnight parking. I have no idea about hotels other than one connects to the hospital and one is across from the hospital. You may want to contact them about accommodations. I think they have something a out it at the Mayo web site .. at least a number to call.

My husband does not like the food there. There is a Subway not far away that he walked to. He also brought some soups to heat in a microwave.. not sure where the microwave is.. maybe the cafeteria. Some nights he did not go back to the trailer.. he just sponge bathed. I never used the shower in my room. I had to sponge bathe. The way the shower is in the bathroom it will get a lot of the floor wet even around the toilet. I am putting a photo up that looks much like the room I stayed in. The bathroom is under the clock. My surgeon used the dry erase board on the closet a lot. You can see the sofa and there is a recliner too.