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Hello @baker1 -- I am at the 10th radiation treatment of 20. Still face down. I have had issues with the breathing (no opening in the "face holder"). Unbelievable! I refused to do any other treatments without oxygen. Now I have oxygen during the treatment and I feel a lot better. You would think it should part of their Standard Operating Procedures! Nope, I was the first patient in that position ... Oh well!

I don't think it is a position-related situation, but I have developed nausea and weakness. This since my 6th treatment. Did you? Has anyone else? I read that nausea in breast radiation treatments is "very, very rare" ... So what the heck? I see my radiation oncologist this evening, so I will ask him as well.

Thanks to all for your replies and comments!


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Hi, Dee,

Firstly, I must commend you for taking control of your treatments by requesting oxygen. Too many of us see a problem, feel intimidated by the treatments and/or professionals, and then don't speak up. Good on you!

As to nausea, and from what I understand, some people do experience it and, when they do, it often is when the dose and/or area is increased. One thing which you might try to do is to eat several light (easy to digest, non-greasy) meals during the day, instead of a few, heavier meals.

Wishing you a productive discussion with your radiation oncologist!

Dee@danielad, I did my 15 radiation treatments in December 2018 and early January 2019. I did have a day or two of very mild nausea. Last week my primary care doctor told me that a recent chest x-ray shows that I have some fluid in my lung and a tiny blip on the EKG. Both are probably from radiation to my left breast. I’m waiting on an appointment with a cardiologist. This all may be nothing or to could be more trouble. And to think that I had thought that I had gotten through breast cancer treatments Scott free! 🥴
Best of luck to you in your treatments.