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Interesting about facedown treatment. That is how they did my MRIs but was not an option for my radiation treatments. Did you have a lumpectomy? Think I had face up treatments because my lymph nodes were involved so I had radiation on my entire chest wall and armpit area after a double mastectomy (no reconstruction) and lymph node dissection.

Are you doing traditional radiation? I was lucky to be approved for newer proton radiation treatment, which is safer for the heart and lungs. Got approval because treatment on my left side by my heart and my husband works for Mayo so our insurance is through third party affiliate of theirs.

I used Mepitel film covering purchased at the Mayo Clinic store to minimize burn damage to my skin. Even with the Mepitel, the week following my last treatment my skin is now red, sore, and itchy. Radiation nurse told me to use a water and vinegar soak on my armpit, then use Aquaphor on the entire burned area. This works very well. I also use Vanicream (thick lotion) and hydrocortisone anti-itch cream.

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@melissa1979 — Thanks for your information.
I believe all Breast MRIs are done face down, and so are the biopsies following the findings via MRI. However, as I understand it, Radiation treatments' "position" depends on a number of elements including the type and size of the cancer; involvement of nodes; type of surgery; etc..

In my case, I had a lumpectomy for a multi-focal cancer, with no nodes involvement, and reconstruction. I also told my Radiation Oncologist that I wouldn't consider radiation because of the potential damage of radiation to healthy tissue, particularly the heart and lungs. So I am "face down" (traditional radiation) on a 20-treatment plan. I sure hope the position does help!!


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