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Good morning and a big welcome to Connect, @car54. Happy Valentines Day. Thank you for joining our active and informative community of patients, caregivers, family, and providers. We are not medically trained, just medically involved and anxious to learn. I have had 4 shoulder surgeries. Two required that big hunky sling. I, like you, asked the question...why can't I drive?

Unlike you, I did drive off the mountain and down to the gas station. Everything was going well until I went to leave and turned the corner too tight because of only one hand.....smashed the gas pump barrier and short of smashed my bumper as well.

That was enough....now I understand. You may want to read the driver's manual to find out what the fine is for being observed driving with a sling.

When was your replacement? How is rehab going? Are you left-handed? May you have peace and ease today. Chris

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I haven't had it yet. It suppose to be on May 20th. A couple of weeks after that date my grandson might be working a year in Mexico which is a 1500 mile trip. If I can't drive I'll at least be a passenger, he is only 24 years old. I am on a cancellation waiting list and hopefully they can move it up. I'll check driving with a sling laws. How was your shoulder after the accident? I am left handed so that would make it easier. Thanks for your reply.