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groin pain after 17 months on Tymlos injections!

My bone doc said this is not a side effect Has anyone had this pain in left groin?

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Hello @dugs1948. I understand you are looking to connect with members who have experience with Tymlos to see if they can relate to your side effect of pain in the left groin.

The following members have mentioned some experience with Tymlos @panda17 and @artscaping while @contentandwell is set to start Tymlos in the coming days, so have also looped her in for her perspective in the event she did research prior to starting.

I did a quick search and did find mention of groin pain in Evenity, in case that is of any help in getting closer to understanding your symptom which we wait for other members to weigh in.

-Osteoporosis Medications:

When did you share your concern with your doctor?

I get left-sided groin pain when I have been sitting a lot. I have two remedies:

1) from a video (this one is so clear and really works)

2) By fisting the muscles of the buttock quite strongly. This also works.

I always think it a good idea to have two or three different ways of healing a problem because repetition sometimes loses potency!

Good luck. see if you can find a third way too!