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Stop wondering, all you have to see how this or any other government works. Money and influence and who is in charge of that government. Since I had to deal with being made addicted by a prescribed med, Fentynal, I did a lot of research on this very problem. Who aloud this situation to happen in the first place. To me that would be the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and the AMA. The pharmaceutical companies have lobbyists in Washington DC to influence the FDA, Senators and Congress. They can even influence the American Medical Association. You don’t have to be selling any of this stuff on the street illegally, doctors are their drug dealers. They have a captive audience and needy people who need pain relief. From what I have read about, the pharmaceutical companies used their reps. and sold doctors on false claims that this crap was a good idea to use on people who had chronic pain problems. The reality is it was never intended to be used for this purpose. It was suppose to be used for terminally ill cancer patients and short term use for after surgery. The FDA aloud this to happen. The AMA’s part is to me worse. They had to have known what Fentynal was and how strong it was, They are doctors. They also aloud the these unqualified doctors to set up these pain clinics. From what I researched, anyone who had a medical license could do this and the certification process was a joke. To be a heart specialist, there is a lot of training beyond just having a medical license to be certified, these so called pain specialists had known. A recipe for disaster. I know, I went to one of these places. It was no more than a place to get drugs. I don’t find this at all amusing but just ironic. After busting these CEO’s and fining those pharmaceutical companies, and there are all these lawsuits still pending, these companies have already figured out a way to make up for their losses. They have been granted the rights to make the drug that counteracts the overdose from this crap. Who do you think approved that?

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My experience was much different. When I needed pain meds it seemed like I needed a mask and a gun to get them. No one, but no one encouraged me to take them. I knew all about addiction before I began. Now it's a permanent thing,I have a pump. in the past I went on them and off them with no withdrawal symptoms. I made sure I never took enough to completely extinct my pain as I knew that any drugs left over would get me high and could lead to addiction. Perhaps I'm one of a few like myself but I have two close friends who have had the same experience with oxycontin and morphine respectively. I had fentanyl patches for a short time but they didn't work well for me. I'm afraid I'm a pretty tough sell on the idea of accidental addiction.

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