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Good evening @tfarrell. I am responding to your post about reaching a maximum in treatment. This community is composed of patients, caregivers and health care providers from all over the world. Our efforts are to help folks improve their quality of life by sharing our experiences in a supportive format.

Did you receive a diagnosis of neuropathy at UC Davis? Was a cause determined? Diabetes? Cancer Chemo treatments? Alcohol?
I guess I am a bit overwhelmed. Were you on Gabapentin and Cymbalta as prescribed for four years? Did you try to add something at night to prevent the pain from interrupting your sleep?

Where was your pain the worst.......hands, feet, legs, wrists, arms? I think our members might have a considerable amount of ideas for you. We will just have to know a bit more. What is most important to you at this point? What do you want to try at this time?

May you be healthy and at ease. Chris

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My name is Todd. Ive been reading posts on this forum for the past 2 years but have never actually posted anything. I have fast (by my standards) progressing idiopathic poly neuropathy. The tingling burning sensation in my hands, feet, arms (to my elbows) and legs (now to my hips) is impossible to ignore most of the day.
I guess what I'm asking you is, what questions should I be asking? I have seen 3 neurologists with no good answers, and the 600mg Gabapentin and 60mg of nortriptyline daily, do nothing.
I would love to find a route cause, and if not, at least a way to slow the progression down and curb the pain.
Please ask me questions as I'm looking for direction and feel like I'm just flailing and a bit on my own.