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Are any of you SFN people trying the John Bishop/Facebook supplement program? He claims success with it.

I've been on it a while, very severe pain levels like you guys plus numbness moving from my feet up my legs and around my lips, left side of the face and inside my mouth, and then I started feeling better. My feet were still spotty with numbness but not nearly as bad, the burning split down my tongue I forgot about, and the nails in the ends of my fingers and numbness on the ends of my fingers I forgot about.

Recently, I tried to return to a vegan diet I was on 12 years ago. However, I had learned some time ago that I could no longer eat beans which was a mainstay of that diet and I had also stopped eating glutin. Since the supplementation program (forgot what it is called) my gut cramping and pain had cleared up. My bowels were improving although not normal. Encouraged, I began eating an Ancient Grain bread with no ill effects. In fact, since the supplementation program, my knuckles have felt oiled and they usually get sore when I eat glutin. Again, no return of swollen joints. Is it all the Hemp oil and fish oil?

Still encouraged and trying to return to a strict vegan diet, I began eating some bread not made from ancient grains and I also ate a can of beans. Big mistake. Terrible gut pain and I've got nails back in the ends of my fingers. My mouth was completely numb the last 2 nights with numbness on the left side of my face. Of course, the burning skin from head to toe never left me during my improvement but the intensity did lessen. However, after my diet experimentation, it has worsened and my last 2 nights have been sleepless.

So, I think I can attribute my improvement to the Bishop/Facebook protocol and food does seem to be a variable for me in my symptoms. There is a book I've picked up by Terry Wahls, MD, who regained her health through diet. She was in a wheelchair while she researched food as medicine and now she is cycling again.

I know, if you're like me, you're damn tired of trying this and then that, especially when you're not feeling well. Yesterday, I could hardly stay out of bed but I'm back on my gluten-free and lectin-free (Dr. Steven Gundry) diet so I'll see if I can get back to where I was...feeling better and optimistic.

Good luck all.

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@jager5210 I’m glad to hear you’re doing better. Thanks for the feedback.

This is great news!!! So happy for your improvements. Yes, I use the Protocol (since last Sept) and do think it brings a layer of help to my neuropathy and overall health.