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Welcome to Connect, @worriedlovingwife I am sorry that you found us under such stressful circumstances. I don’t blame your husband for not wanting to see that doctor again. Is it possible that the cancer is so small and contained that it will easily be taken care of so not a huge concern? I had NASH cirrhosis and cancer in my liver but the cancer was taken care of with a simple ablation procedure so that’s what I’m thinking could possibly be the case.

I really don’t know anything about your husband’s conditions, I did google ME but that told me little, but I just wanted to express my dismay too that a doctor would be so uncaring and dismissive. Before my cirrhosis was diagnosed the doctor who was my PCP called me on the phone and told me that she thought I had Alzheimer’s! Cirrhosis can cause episodes of confusion so she drew that conclusion after I had one episode. She was history as soon as I could find a new doctor.

I hope you find a new and more caring oncologist, who will be able to help your husband beat his ME and rid him of the cancer on his pelvic bone. Can you possibly just go to a different medical facility so you won’t have to have the mediation with this oncologist?

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Hi JK thanks for replying. I just realized my talk to text did not pick up everything I was saying. He has MEN type 1. When his surgeon first saw the scan he said the same as you “don’t worry I can get it with abalation”” because it just showed two spots. In reality it hundreds of pinpoint spots. He’s stage 4 terminal. I just lost my brother the day after Christmas from multiple myeloma. I feel like we should own stock in MD Anderson because we’ve been going there for 16 years with my brother. So how are you doing now? Are you in remission? I’m at work so can’t look up anything on your type of cancer. Is there a likelyhood it could come back?