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What does your neurologist do for you? I went to two local ones, who did little more than diagnose my neuropathy. Since then, I have only seen a pain management doctor and the Podiatrist that first helped me. Neuropathy toes to thighs and fingers. Thanks

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Hello there. My neurologist has made it clear that there are "too many cooks stirring the pot". His words not mine. I was thinking that he who diagnoses and understands my disease of SFPN, would be the most qualified to prescribe. Wrong. Truth is, that's not how it works. I wish Drs would plainly state criteria up front. As a sick, confused and sometimes depressed person who is just hanging on to hope, of course I'm looking for this man to save the day. Unfortunately, I have learned otherwise by his dismissive rudeness.

So to answer your question…PCP and PM are who should or will follow up on a treatment plan. My Neuro only treats my migraines with botox injections, suggests Apherisis treatments performed at hospitals…you know, the BIG stuff. I don't believe they have time for the small stuff. He also orders massive blood work for me periodically if and when it's time for a look.

Hope this has helped you and best wishes for a productive treatment plan going forward.


@dckuke My neurologist has done a number of tests, run me through a bunch of medications looking for one that would treat my pain, referred me to other specialists and explained a lot of things. He always sends his notes to my pcp.


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