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This may be of no value but, before I was diagnosed with SFPN and was desperately searching for answers, I saw a rheumatologist. That Dr told me I did not have fibromyalgia but had cross-over symptoms and recommended Lyrica. I've done, Gabepentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta and Nortriptyline. I've landed firmly on Lyrica (worth it if you can get beyond side effects) and new to the game is Nortriptyline. I took myself off of Cymbalta to have one less pill in my system as that was the one I felt was not a game changer. I griped for more pain relief to my PCP recently and he came up with adding Nortriptyline verses increasing hydrocodone. My neuro agreed to try. And round and round we go. I hear you when you say you are confused. Same boat here.

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I’m so sorry ya’ll have to result to such horrible drugs with horrendous side affects. I can’t do it, they have a horrible affect on me!

@rwinney thank you for your reply. I still don’t have a main dr so I’ve been shooting darts trying to figure out what can help. What dr do you get your med from. Is it one dr or many that prescribe meds for u