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My feet are numb - help

Neuropathy | Last Active: Feb 8, 2020 | Replies (7)

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You've come to a good place for answers and support, @jmccabe51 . I've heard that neuropathy starts for many people after having cancer treatment. Numbness and tingling and pain in the extremities are classic signs of peripheral neuropathy. It's a difficult thing to treat, largely because each person is unique in how neuropathy progresses. Have you been referred to a neurologist? They can do simple tests to get you headed in the right direction. I've learned that just knowing what it is that's happening helps a lot.

There are many of us here who have similar symptoms, and in the neurpothy group you'll find several discussions that could be helpful.

I trust that what you read in the neuropathy group will help you understand what's going on and that you will be reassured by reading ways to navigate through this difficult time.


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THANKS JIM, I made a very difficult decision to see a NEUROPATHY DOCTOR on TUESDAY. I have VARICOSE VEINS that broke in the left leg and a lot of PAIN with the NEUROPATHY which was diagnosed in the EMERGENCY room as ARTHRITIS for the SECOND time, first time just said PAIN.....going from DOCTOR TO DOCTOR for REFERRALS IS RIDICULOUS.. I need A vein SPECIALIST....