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malignant neoplasm of the eye

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Hi Doug, I can imagine you and your wife are nervous.
I found this information to be helpful in understanding what to expect regarding types of eye cancers and how to diagnose. https://www.cancer.ca/en/cancer-information/cancer-type/eye/eye-cancer/cancerous-tumours/

It states:
"Most types of cancer need a biopsy to confirm a cancer diagnosis. But some cancers in the eye can be diagnosed with only an eye exam or imaging test. Doctors try to avoid removing tissue from the eye because it can be hard to get a sample of the tumour without damaging the eye or spreading the cancer. A biopsy is most often done:
– when a diagnosis can’t be made with other tests
– when the doctor recommends cytogenetic tests
– to remove a suspicious area surrounding the eye, such as the eyelid
There are special types of biopsies that are also used to help diagnose eye cancer or see where it may have spread.

Doug, I'm wondering if you have a bit more information so that I can connect you with members who also have experience with eye cancer. Do you know what type of eye cancer your wife has (melanoma, lymphoma, other)? Or is the biopsy needed to confirm the diagnosis? Have the doctors done other tests? If so, which ones?

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Hey thanks for replying. What we were told, malignant neoplasm of the eye. The reason for labeling malignant is for insurance coding the doctor said. He won't know until he does the biopsy 2/19. Not sure what type of cancer, I imagine we have to wait for biopsy. What I want to know is who does the scans, blood work, etc, to see if the eye is the origin or if it has come from someplace else.