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Advil and Tylenol guidance requested

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I am in excruciating pain every night of the week and I cannot get any Oxycodonehere I have put in the neuropathy which is in a trap nerve in my butt pretty much so I can’t sit down and cry in pain each night but they give me is nerve pain medicine which does not help me! How do I get a doctor to give me some of this

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@vklittle61 I am allergic to severals meds and others I just cannot tolerate the side effects. .. like hydrocodone which I get severe headache and nausea to point of vomiting sometimes.

In 2015 I had a very involved open abdominal surgery. I tried the hydrocodone then and it did nothing for the pain and gave me the aforementioned side effects. Of course the surgeons did not want their work undone with the vomiting. So I was put on oxycodone then.

During that surgery I had my arm put in a position to do the open surgery, I was sliced from sternum to shoulder in back, one rib cut and one cracked, muscles cut through… 3 loops of my intestines had made their way into my chest and pushed my left lung against my ribcage collapsing my lung. I was on a high dose of the oxycodone for a couple of weeks after release from hospital. Then dose cut in half and now I take as needed.. sometimes does skipped sometimes half doses.

I waited a year after that surgery before seeing a local pain doctor.. he is very good one. He worked with me with injections over a year's time. My ribcage with the cut muscles was the most excruciating. He managed to kill one nerve that I could finally manage to lean back in a chair. He calmed others, but the rib pain is bad at times. I have internal pain that happens more with movements as in doing laundry or running the vacuum or sweeping motions. These pains and the ones from severe arthritis in my back and other parts my body are enhanced when low weather fronts come through.. worse when it rains and worse with storms.

The raising of my arm for the surgery tore the labrum in my shoulder. I did PT for it, but not much relief. A local surgeon sent his assistant in to tell me would do surgery on it only if I was a young athlete. I wasn't wanting surgery anyway. I just want pain relief.

I do have some pain like you describe in the butt area. It comes from my bad back. It worsens with the low weather fronts. It was really bad a couple of years ago. I did PT and it made it worse.. probably a bad therapist. In the winter as I walked around our yard we had some burr weed growing and it bothered me.. so I bent my knees, leaned down and pulled them up.. and for some reason that motion helped relieve the pain. I still get the pain, but not as severe. I tried the lyrica and neurotin and neither helped and side effects not good either. So I was prescribed valium. My family doctor knew I tolerated it well because I have to take it when my head has to go in a MRI tube. It helps with the nerve pain and the muscle spasms I sometimes get. I do not take it all the time. I usually take half a dose when I do take it. So if a doctor suggest an antidepressant.. they don't think you are depressed or crazy.. the meds can help with pain.

I have no answer to your question of how you get oxycodone. Just because it helps me does not mean it will help you. Not everyone tolerates it.. just keep in mind that everyone is different. I do suggest you try a pain clinic. If you have tried PT and no help try a different one. Chiropractors can help.. but did not help me.. and so can acupuncture.. we do not have anyone in my town that does acupuncture that I know of.. except a veterinarian. lol.

Keep trying to get help… it may mean changing doctors and even going out of your area to find help. Eat good, nutritious food.. cut the junk.. Meditation can help… the mind needs to be in a good set. Exercise… is good too. I like to meditate.. and pray as I walk.

Best of luck in your search for pain relief.