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Stem cell vs TKR

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@cschultz8 I had stem cell therapy, a set of three with first PRP (plasma rich platelets, spun out of your own blood), then stem cells made from my own fat cells (unpleasant but not painful scraping process for 40 minutes while inhaling laughing gas), the PRP again. It worked great for two years. I'm over 65 and also had bone-on-bone. Pain not totally gone but for all practical purposes gone. Then I fell hard and my knee got hit very badly. I could have tried the stem cells again but the problem is no insurance will cover it, and uncertainty. So I went with Makoplasty TKR. I'm a bit over two months out and not yet willing to give a final statement on how successful that was. My cost for the three procedures (PRP and stem cells) was close to $8,000. If the cost is not prohibitive to you, it's worth a try. Make sure you get a very competent and reliable provider to do this, as there are many scams out there. A good doctor will tell you if you are not a candidate. Certainly the recovery is much easier than for TKR! Best of luck.

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Who did your stem cell therapy? I had mine done by a Regenexx provider a year ago, no positive results and Dr. was negligent to recommend physical therapy following procedure, which I understand now could have made a difference in my results. Have been doing physical therapy now since last May, and am thinking about TKR, I am 62.

Would you recommend a place for thePRP and Stem cell for knees- wouldn’t Mayo Clinic do this? Thanks