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My husband started out at 24,000!!!! He is now down to 64.

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Has he had scans showing tumor shrinkage?

Wow- that's amazing. Can you share a little bit about his story and treatment?

That’s so great! My husband’s is 22,000. He’s had just two cycles of Folfirinox so it hasn’t been repeated yet. I’m praying for something hopeful!

Tail pancreatic cancer.
I started with a CA 19-9 of 690 and stage 3. One month later, it was 505, the next 190 and the last, two weeks later after my 5th of 6 chemo (alternate weeks ), 93.

It is my understanding that this tumor marker shows ALL tumors, so part of the number may even be non cancerous tumors.

I'm now being scheduled for a CT scan, and another test for 6 weeks of 5 days a week radiation.

When the CT comes back, I'm hopeful that this scourge of my bodies own making, will show totally or almost totally dead, as I demanded in my thoughts and dreams.

My doctor, her PAs, all the staff and the facilities at Jupiter Medical Center's Anderson Cancer Center, are the best I could hope for.

What chemo was he on?