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Can tinnitus trigger seizures?

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Hi @hopeful33250
There are many types of auras (also called petit mal seizures). When I was younger I thought they were panic attacks. My auras start with a blank stare and a lightheaded/dizzy feeling, I get nauseous and feel my stomach "drop" like a sense of doom. My hands get sweaty. Lately I have been having ringing in one of my ears at the start of the aura. Sometimes I have de ja vu. It's an overall weird feeling. Sometimes they are very quick and sometimes they last a couple of minutes. It makes me have extreme anxiety because for me, it can lead into a grand mal seizure. I used to try to distract myself by getting up and moving around to think about something else. But it doesn't help all the time. Hope my description helps, but it can be different for everyone 💜

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Hi everyone,
I am having exactly similar condition, where also my thinking can launch the seizure. The only difference is that i don’t hear my tinnitus a lot. Instead i get an aura like feeling sometimes in right ear/brain and other times in the left one.
Can anybody explain to me what condition is this and whether it might lead to dangerous outcome/death?
Here is my condition described:

1- Sensitivity to certain noises and a brain or ear aura feeling that suddenly launches when i focus on it (even in very calm places)

2- persistent Feeling of aura (electromagnetic and when it becomes more intense it is like squeezing) in the ear that make me confused and makes me feel that maybe i have lack of Oxygen in my brain 🧠. So i feel uncomfortable and start having panic.

3- The aura disappears or is reduced when i willingly clog my ear; by inhaling air, but still i can get seizure attacks at any moment

4- Generally is present when in a still position (sitting, not moving or doing sports) sometimes because of bad posture or my neck, when ears unclogged. Aura Feeling Disappears while in sports or running or when clogged ear.

4- description of the seizure: sometimes sudden feeling of acoustic shock in the ear when i inhale, or when i think of this aura, or when i think of a bizarre thing.

-That’s why i my breathing Rhythm becomes slow and uncoordinated/messy.

-My automatic reflex to the seizure is to directly try to close my ears and try to think i must change my focus from this seizure.

5- when the seizure becomes intense i try to close my ear and sometimes it is so squeezing muscles of my hands become so tight and shaky.

6- solution: i try suddenly and fast to change my posture, close my ear and to stop thinking of it. My brains becomes stuck. Cant think of anything else while this seizure.

7- generally only 1 side of the brain/ear is having this attack, not both. Sometimes right side and sometimes left side.