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Hi all, I saw my psych yesterday and he wants me to continue to hold at .5 mg/day. Not really sure how I feel about that but I promised myself I would follow his advice. he said sometime in the next two months try another cut but there is no rush and that it’s not a race or a challenge. He also said at that low of a dose the klonopin isn’t really doing much for me and that it’s mostly placebo. so anyway that’s where it stands, I’ll probably give .25 mg a try before the end of March. it seems like the plan is cut, hold, adjust, recover and when I feel strong enough repeat. So I guess I’m ok with that.

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@njp1013 – This is the best way to go about the taper! Good Job! Stick with it and I'm sure you will be happy with the results!

How are you doing?
I bet you are adjusting well to the 2 halves. I have to admit that I took an extra 1/2 on one or two occasions. Now strictly 2 halves a day. Some days I only take one half!.. and find the second half in my pill case.
A pill case is a great tool… available in some version from pharmacies. I have a small case which has a plastic container for each day of the week.
Each day is divided into

They may also be available on line.
This titration down made me realize that I looked for medication when I was anxious.
I am looking forward to seeing a new doctor who treats anxiety. He is very thorough and contacted the doctor who prescribed Clonazepam. 👏🏼
Keep us posted.
You have a plan!! Hooray 🙏

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