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Stay the course! Try to be socially active.. take small steps… you will surprise yourself! I was out and about shopping, haircut, etc. and all was well. I did not think of myself, med or tremor…. don’t think I had one!
I tried to focus on others. I could write a book about the young people who talked to me about their future college plans, about a worker who was absent and why, an elder who needed help shopping, the beautician who told me about her children’s school .

It really helps ME to listen to others.
Let me know if you do the same or what makes you focus on something other than our challenges!

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@helenfrances thanks! I have a full time job and 9 and 6 year old sons, so staying busy is no problem for me 🙂 I agree though the less you think about it the easier it is. I’m encouraged to have cut 50% in a month and doing ok. I see my psych next Friday and hoping to cut successfully again following . If all goes well maybe be done by end of March or mid april. 🤞

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