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If this old lady who took clonazapam for decades can wean off it, so can you!💫
I was prescribed 4 tablets a day as needed for a head tremor. I became dependent on this drug. I would not go to any meeting or social event without taking it!
Today I am happy to tell you that with the help of a wonderful neurologist I am now taking one Clonazapam per day(1/2 tablet in the a.m. ;1/2 in the afternoon). Goal: NO Clonazapam in the future. I also take 1 Escitalopram a day.
This wonderful doctor also suggested today that I see a psychiatrist (for anxiety or other issues that I might want to discuss: ah! Yes! Talk therapy is important and minimizes the stress, the anxiety that we do feel and need to express.
I am so thankful for this doctor, for this Mayo Clinic Connect: we are not alone! Thank you for sharing your stories. They helped me to carry on, to be strong.
Never give up.

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@helenfrances thank you for the encouragement! I’m on day 6/10 of my second cutdown, now taking .5mg/day split into two doses, so far it has all been manageable, there is some increase in anxiety for me but mainly just in the mornings when my cortisol levels are high, thank you for the kind words and your inspirational story! it means a lot!

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