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Mako Robotic Arm TKR Two Months

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@contentandwell it's not the Starkey knee, it is the Triathlon made by Stryker, which also makes the Mako robotic arm: https://www.stryker.com/us/en/portfolios/orthopaedics/joint-replacement/knee.html

@ellerbracke I will ask Alex about the leg length. I once had my leg measured by a doctor with a tape measure who insisted one was an inch longer than the other and I needed special shoes. I tried that and it was a disaster. The entire time I did not feel the doctor could really measure accurately. Is there a laser measuring device or something like that that can accurately measure? BTW I read on another thread that you dislike the stationary bike. I have mine (a recumbent) in front of a large screen TV and watch movies and shows when I exercise. That is the only thing that makes it bearable. I actually only really like playing games like soccer, but haven't been able to do that for a while. So I'm making the best of it with the weights, walking, and biking.

Indeed I am slowly starting to accept that fact that this is really a year or two years coming up of constant attention and effort. When I compare the way I feel now at two months with my sensations at one month (which was basically Christmas day for me), I can see that there has been huge progress, both objectively and subjectively. I am much less tired and able to do more things. But now I am realizing that I will have to do these exercises for a very long time, maybe forever. Argh.

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@saeternes I didn't mean Starkey, I did mean Stryker. So Stryker is the only knee with Mako surgery. Oh, and Starkey is actually a hearing aid brand, I just got them confused!

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