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Psychiatric Problems Associated With Epilepsy

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I’ve had epilepsy for 52 years and I’ve had comments probably similar to yours. People can definitely be cruel and and people who have said the most hurtful things to me have been adults. But you just have to talk to these people and explain how serious your condition is and just tell them a little bit about it. I think it’s important for everyone of us who have epilepsy to try to inform the people So they know what’s true and what’s not, they need to understand the seriousness and the consequences that seizures can have. I think what I dislike most about having epilepsy is the stigma.
You basically just have to understand that people making these comments are ignorant and it’s our responsibility in them. I just don’t let it bother me. In the past when children have made fun of me sometimes I told them that that’s funny but then I would explain how serious epilepsy is and that not all people wanna hear a joke about epilepsy and that it’s best not to tell them at all unless you know the person and you know they don’t mind. I don’t really mind it epilepsy jokes, I can laugh at myself when other people take it much more seriously. as far as anxiety and depression are concerned, those are major seizure triggers although anxiety and depression are very common in people who have epilepsy? as far as fear is concerned at least for myself I don’t really have any fear, I mean nobody can tell when a seizure is going to hit if I have a seizure I have a seizure. just don’t be ashamed of the fact that you have seizures. Wherever you’re going to go whatever you’re going to do and whoever you’re going to do it with make sure those people are aware that you may have a seizure and instruct them on proper first aid. have you ever tried talking to those children and telling them that the jokes are hurtful and explaining why.
would you mind sharing with us why are you have a fear of going so many places? Just because you have epilepsy that’s no reason to not go out and live and enjoy your life to the fullest.
Bless you,

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I’ve had the Epilepsy with the partial complex seizures for 44 years. When I first got the seizures It took time for me to understand what the seizures were, and the seriousness before I could explain to anybody else. I always tell people when I meet them that I have epilepsy and the seriousness of them that if I have one to sit me down because I have Auras in some seizures but not all seizures, and I black out in all seizures, if I’m not sitting down I will or can fall down. I don’t want to be in the hospital after a seizure. That’s probably where the fear comes into my life. I do a lot of things and go to a lot of places. I do have anxiety. People are rude and ignorant who make jokes of people who have seizures.

Hi @jakedduck1
I have very much enjoyed your posts. I agree that we the ones who have epilepsy have also to bring an understanding of epilepsy to others. This is something that the Epilepsy Foundation speaks much about. BTW, very soon there will be the Walk to End Epilepsy, which is also a walk to bring more awareness for epilepsy!
Kind Regards