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Carnation (@carnation)

Psychiatric Problems Associated With Epilepsy

Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Oct 30, 2021 | Replies (48)

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Hi, @carnation - I think what you are speaking of here is psychiatric issues that are quite particular to having a diagnosis of epilepsy (e.g., anxiety about a potential seizure on an airplane trip, fear of the next seizure or of how you will ever get control of your seizures)? If so, this is a very worthwhile topic to bring up that I believe many patients living with epilepsy will identify with.

I also wanted to invite @jakedduck1 @dap @jenfossbru @cc001 @boston2mayo @robertjr @williamdj to join this discussion.

Will you share more about your experience of being made fun of by kids, carnation, if you feel comfortable? What happened?

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the partial complex seizures started when i was 10 years old, in catholic grammar school. After the seizures the kids made fun of me because they didn't understand them and it hurt my feelings. Even after high school I had seizures and people made fun of me until I was 19 years old and found my boyfriend to be husband that I’m still with today. He always stood in front of me and stopped rude people from making fun of me and mocking me out.

My son did see a psychologist for a few months to work on his anxiety & fears. He is in high school and a competitive swimmer. That helped a lot to get him out of the house & live life again. Lucky for him, his seizures happened at home. His friends know, but others at school don't. Teachers have been very supportive. I believe his therapist really helped. We started that early on with his journey. My advice, go talk about it with a professional. It's too much to sort out on your own. Best- Jennifer