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Stage 1 Bladder Cancer/Gemcitabine

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@plugger how are you doing? Thinking about you as my husband was unable to tolerate gemcitabine. Here we are a year later, two TURBS in 2020, (also carcinoma in situ, high grade). Giving BCG another try. Two treatments over. Hope the side effects stay minimal. (Bladder removal maybe if all else fails).
I hope 2021 is being kind to you.
Australia is doing a better job with this pandemic than we are here in Canada.

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We have very fond memories of our time spent in Canada about 10 yrs ago. I agree that here in OZ we have been extremely fortunate with our response to COVID. We have had very little person to person transmission and when it did happen the tracking system managed to identify all the potential exposures. Our biggest problem came from either people from OZ returning home or international visitors who were undetected when they entered the country.
I didn't get the results I was after at the end of Jan. The carcinoma in-situ has turned up in a different part of the bladder. and the urologist still wants to remove the bladder but I am off to see my oncologist with another round of Gemcitabine at the end of this month and will talk to him about what he would recommend. The prostate has now turned up in my bones and they have started me on hormonal treatment to stop it advancing any further. I will find out about progress with the leukaemia in a couple of weeks.
All this is just part of my life now. We live in a retirement village and there is always something on to keep us occupied.