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You poor dear… how troubling that news must have been for you. When I read the information available on the subject, it seems to imply that much depends on age, treatment(s), types, and other variables, and that the overall five-year survival rate can look relatively positive, all things considered. I would suggest that you write down every question which comes to mind and march back into your oncologist's office and ask her/him. (What is s/he going to do for the pain, what does s/he guestimate as the long-term survival odds, what treatments does s/he have in mind for your particular case, etc.) And, if you don't know what else to ask, request that your oncologist explain, slowly, everything else which you should know about regarding this development. You have the right to learn as much or as little as you're comfortable with… but only your oncologist will be able to assess your particular case.

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Yes, thank you for your response. I have started writing down questions as i think of them, so I can find out more answers when I see him next.