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THR appointment process at Mayo Clinic

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Hello @zepher95, welcome to Connect. The appointment office is definitely the most qualified to answer the questions above. The first step is starting the appointment process, which it sounds like you have. I can understand the confusion surround what images need to be sent for which procedures and diagnosis. Have you thought about calling in again this week to ask the above questions and to explain that you have received conflicting information on what is needed for an appointment?

@zepher95, have you discussed this with your current provider and asked them how they refer patients and if they could share some of your images? It may also be worth discussing with the appointment coordinator on whether or not new images would help and if those could be done locally or during an appointment period at Mayo Clinic.

While you navigate the appointment process and seek more information, here are a few discussions on Connect with members discussing hip replacements you may find worth your time to read through:


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Hi Justin, thanks for your reply. Yes, I have considered, and will call them, most likely today. I had already read the discussions in the links you provided, and multiple others and am glad that I did find this site and great information. I am a bit of an introvert and stress myself out over phone calls...

After initially talking to the spine department about my neck, they told me they would send me an email with further instructions. I didn't receive it and called them back and found my email provider was classifying it as spam and deleting it automatically after they resent it to me and I have fixed that issue. The orthopedic department didn't mention an email to be sent. My information gathering about the process was wondering if they did and I didn't receive it, or if it was normal to be judged for an appointment without any images and/or records from my medical history. I wondered whether Mayo would want their own images taken for a hip replacement, based on the method performed, instead of ones taken locally.

My current PCP is difficult to get an appointment with in a timely fashion, and unfortunately, other than that I have trusted his care. I am working on a timely appointment with him instead of too much info being passed back and forth between his nurses and myself. But I also partially feel as though when I told him I wanted to go to the Mayo Clinic instead of a local provider for my hip, that he was going to send in a referral to, he kind of lost interest.