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Morning glucose test - higher when cold?

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Kateia, you are being successful if your AIC is so low. I have the same problems with getting help but at least Medicare pays for things. I have been trying to diet but my waist keeps getting larger, so I am thinking the insulin really isn't working inside my body. Once I ate fat foot in the middle of the night and woke up to much lower blood sugar number. Low carbs is supposed to make your body use stored fat for energy and that isn't happening to me. Something is pinched in my lower back and I have awful pain but think it is the metal cage doing the pain. I am going to the chiropractor tomorrow because he is the most helpful to my spine condition. Yesterday I ate leftover waffles and bacon from the freezer and had lower blood sugar this morning. I didn't exercise. I am refusing to get upset about my problems and am taking things in stride. Do we know what is in GOLO and some of these new products for dropping weight?
I am not going to use anything that I don't know what is in it. I bought a product on the web and it sits on my pantry shelf. I am ready to let it all go except that I have to get into a nice dress for my granddaughter's wedding in August. I am planning to garden in pots and waist high benches this year. Dorisena

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Dear Dorisena I agree with much of what you have written as I have experienced the same. I also, have thought of gardening with high tables. Wonderful idea. Getting back to the glucose readings: I have had the same experiences with the readings. The only way I get fairly better readings is if I lose much weight but still the pot belly with a weight of 140 pounds and I am 5'7" tall. We are what we eat and must listen to our body.

I've really been struggling this winter. Will be so happy when Spring is here!! Can't seem to get the Christmas weight off that I put on. I seem to be hungry all the time. I have been reading some about diabetes and finding out foods like brown rice that are high in carbs are also high in nutrients and fiber that slows the increases in blood sugars. I just miss all of the bread and white carbs that are such a no, no for us. We just have to stick to things and keep trucking along. I wouldn't even consider taking a weight loss product that's advertised on TV. Too worried about the side effects that it may have. We're making 3 more raised beds for this summer. They are not high ones but at least I won't have to be bending over so much. Take care!!