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Mari, first, did you check with Costco about replacing your lost hearing aid? On the Costco website, it says "Free loss and damage coverage (with no deductible)." Second, it is great that you care about your friend's hearing because friends and family are often responsible for persuading people to get tested for hearing loss & then, to get hearing aids. You could ask her why she is hesitant. I've read that on average people wait 5-7 years (after they realize that they have hearing loss, which my not be immediate!) to get tested, then wait a few more years to get hearing aids. Now scientist are studying untreated hearing loss and the increase in dementia and depression. You can watch this video on CBS news: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hearing-aids-you-aint-heard-nothing-yet-2019/ Maybe she will watch it with you, too. Frank Lin, a physician at Johns Hopkins University, has conducted a lot of research – you can google his name or I can send some more links. Another thing to know is the longer one waits to be treated, the more difficult to adjust and the less effective the adjustment may be. This is because your brain actually changes how it works, when you have hearing loss (search Anu Sharma at Univ Colorado). This information was enough to motivate me to wear my hearing aid more regularly. Not to mention you just want to be part of the conversation, literally. Here is a quick quiz that may help determine whether one should be tested (though people may deny that they are experiencing any issues even as those around them say that they are!): https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/do-you-need-hearing-test. Also the Costco website has Frequently Asked Questions that may provide some guidance for talking to your friend. Good luck!

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OMG this is my mom in a nutshell! I did finally get her tested and she has HAs in both ears and now refuses to wear them. She’s been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and I know for a fact she’s profoundly depressed – she has an Rx for anti-depressants that she used to take but now won’t do that either. It infuriates me. I deeply love my mom but I feel like she’s actively avoiding helping herself.