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Peripheral nerve stimulators

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I hope you like the stimwave better than I did. I'm having mine taken out. I had it a year ago. I followed rules for 3 mos and got so frustrated that I just quit using it. It advertises wireless. That's a laugh! it may be inside you but you still have to rely on a battery that you have to keep charged. I had everything tested a couple different times.and it showed everything was working ok, but I could not get the antenna to connect to the end of the lead. Rarely could I find the pulse even when I put it on the highest it had.I couldn't keep the battery in the right place. I have a roll around my tummy and when I moved, the battery would move off the end of the terminal. This was the first time I tried to look up reviews. I just hope you have better luck than I did. Perhaps if you are curvy in the right places, it may stay in place. Let me know how you get along with it. I can't offer any advice. I'm having mine removed so that I can possibly have spinal fusion to keep the bones in the right place, L4 and 5.

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Hi @billielynne, Welcome to Connect. Sorry to hear of your bad experience with the stimwave. Thanks for sharing the experience – it helps others to know it might not work for everyone. Did they offer any explanation why it wasn't working?

@billielynne I am so sorry for what you have experienced with the Stim wave. There are so many things that can mess up with these stimulators, and believe me, the sellers do not want you to know. I am having the DRG stimulator implanted in me in a few weeks and have not heard any horror stories yet. I only pray that things go well with me. I hope that if you have spinal fusion, it goes well. RESEARCH that, as well!!! Lori Renee