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Peripheral nerve stimulators

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@fredjan2016 Hi Fred, you mentioned on June 14th that your permanent install of the Nalu stimulator was "later in May" but I think you might have meant later in June? Just trying to keep track of this as my wife and I are curious as to how well it works for you after you have it put in. Hope all is well. I hope the wait is not too crazy-making for you, I bet you'll be glad to have this done. When you had the trial you had said that the main benefit was that you could walk more easily but that you still had the burning in your feet. Did you get any reduction in your pain level? Just curious. Look forward to hearing how you do. Best, Hank

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@jesfactsmon They installed the device on June 29th. I have to wait two weeks for the places on legs to heal before sticking the device pod on my calves. The device pods stick to my legs like tape and only last for a few days. That way you can clean the spot underneath the device pods. So, I have another week before they turn the devices on.

The forgot to tell me that after the surgery my legs would hurt a lot for the next three days. I had to use my chronic pain medication since they didn't prescribe me any acute pain medicine.

Strange thing happened. They woke me up during the surgery to ask me questions about my left leg. Then they said "put him back out" and back to sleep I went. Never had that happen before.

Hopefully, late next week I can provide a more useful update.