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Peripheral nerve stimulators

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@rwinney @jesfactsmon You guys are the best. Just read both your posts. To show how ludicrous life can be, I just microwaved a small glass bowl of glass noodles. And speaking of glass, the glass bowl exploded in my hand when I took it out of the microwave. Shards of glass everywhere, surrounded by 4 curious cats, and 1 five year old grandson, Noah. Here I am, wired inside, battery on my back, surrounded by glass. I literally squatted down on these still strong legs of mine, and cleaned up as best I could. Used my fucked up feet to push glass to my hardwood floors, squatted down, and got the rest up. It was either that, or call my husband to come home from work, and clean up. I thought that might be too long to wait, with glass everywhere. I never bent down. Not to do that with the wires in my back. I squatted. If these wires inside me have not become totally screwed up, it will be a miracle…….just, OH MY GOD!!!!! Love, Lori Renee

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Holy cow! I hope you are doing OK and were not injured. Microwaves scare me sometimes. I know how you feel though. The last thing you were prepared for in that moment happened. Comedy of errors. My sympathies Kiddo.