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Peripheral nerve stimulators

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@jesfactsmon @rwinney Hi, Hank and Rachel, Just read your most recent posts, and what we all go through just to survive one day astounds me. Just to drive a car for a bit, just to pull a weed….the determination of the human spirit, is all I can say. Rachel, you are just such a survivor. I know you agonize, but you do utterly everything to survive. You are awesome. Just awesome. You amaze me. Linda tries so hard. She is like a delicate flower. Hank, I do think, for whatever it is worth, and I may be wrong, that Linda should at least see a neurologist. Maybe something has been missed, and her condition is worsening. Maybe if only for blood tests. Neurologists do blood tests specific to neuropathy. The problem is, there isn't much treatment at all. But just in case something has been missed. Maybe it is time. I also think that maybe Linda needs evaluation for physical therapy. Maybe a one hour intake evaluation, to see if anything can be done. Has Linda been on elavil? That can help symptoms of the fibromyalgia. After my breast cancer surgery, I was not regaining strength very well. This was even before my neuropathy set in. My doctor insisted that I do physical therapy, and once the neuropathy set in, I swear, the physical therapy gave me enough strength in especially my legs, to at least be able to walk well. All through my neuropathy, I get very pissed off. I release my anger by walking. Sometimes, the greater the pain, the more I walk. I am so thankful to do this, and I know I could not with the original Physical therapy. Please, Hank, have Linda get assessed. As I write, I am thinking of Rachel. I know Rachel does everything she can to do her best. I would like Linda to do even more. I know Hank, that only you see Linda, and know how hard she tries. I hope I am not out of line. I am assessing based on what you write, and want the best for her. One other thing, Hank. I used to get terrible sinus infections many years ago. The doctor once prescribed a steroid inhaler for the sinus infection, and I wound up with major Panic attacks from the inhaler!!!! A very good doctor recognized this, put me on Xanax, and panic attack symptoms went away. He also prescribed an herbal product from the Nature's Sunshine Company, called ALJ. It is currently marketed as "Seasonal Allergy," formerly ALJ. If I get a headache around the bridge of my nose, I only take ALJ. You can get it on line. Just type in ALJ, or Nature's Sunshine Company. I have recommended this product to 2 people. Both managed not to have sinus surgery by using it. I want the best for Linda. She definitely, like Rachel and I, has Central Sensitization. Rachel, LInda, and I are like delicate flowers that pack a punch!!!! OY!!! Life is so precious. Life is so fragile. That is why I can gluttonize on Chocolate Chip ice cream. Sometimes ya gotta do, what ya gotta do. Hank, if you want to talk on the phone, or whatever, let me know. You too, Rachel. I am here for you guys. Hang in. With love, Lori

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Thanks Lori, what friendship! OK, so I have to bring Linda up to date on these posts since yesterday by you guys. Then we will discuss everything and I'll let you know the outcome of that. She is her own person with a will much stronger than mine so it's all up to her. That said, I appreciate you and she does too, she loves hearing all that you guys have to say. Will post again when I can (got a busy couple of days here today & tomorrow). Best, Hank

@lorirenee1 YOU ROCK!!!! 😇