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Peripheral nerve stimulators

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I completed my Nalu peripheral nerve stimulator trial and, in short, it was successful. Immediately after they installed the wires, I was able to walk around the house for over 30 minutes. Over the next three days I could walk an hour and only have mild pain in my feet. A lot better than two minutes. On the fourth day I started having small electrical shocks in my right heel. I could only walk for 5 minutes. My left foot was fine, but my right foot would start hurting. The Nalu rep said the wires in my right leg must have moved slightly. On the seventh day the doctor removed the wires. The next day and since then I have missed the stimulators. So, my surgery is scheduled later in May to install the stimulator permanently.

The stimulators allowed me to stand and walk, but I still had the burning sensation in my feet. I had to continue taking the pain medication for the burning, but I can walk again. Potentially, a huge improvement in my quality of life.

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Fred, my wife Linda and I are planning to follow your updates very closely. As also Lori's @lorirenee1 progress with her dorsal root ganglion nerve stimulator. We (me mostly) are pretty excited about the possibilities one of these new implants could open up for improved functionality in her life if she can gain a significant reduction in her pain level. Linda is more cautious and skeptical, but with positive reports from you guys I think she might become closer to being convinced to move forward. I wish you good luck with the upcoming surgery and hope this new Nalu stimulator becomes a permanent benefit to you for an improved way of life. All our best, Hank

@fredjan2016 Well, this is some incredible news!! So happy for you.

@fredjan2016 Hi Fred, you mentioned on June 14th that your permanent install of the Nalu stimulator was "later in May" but I think you might have meant later in June? Just trying to keep track of this as my wife and I are curious as to how well it works for you after you have it put in. Hope all is well. I hope the wait is not too crazy-making for you, I bet you'll be glad to have this done. When you had the trial you had said that the main benefit was that you could walk more easily but that you still had the burning in your feet. Did you get any reduction in your pain level? Just curious. Look forward to hearing how you do. Best, Hank

The Nalu device I had shocked me too, and became steadily worse, so much so that the rep told me to stop using it. I was first given defective therapy discs, then those were replaced by two used discs that wouldn't work because they had already already been used by and registered to another patient. I was relieved to have the wires removed. I now have a Stimwave, which gives me 100% pain relief in the targeted area.

My doctors are suggesting us Nalu over other stimulators like the PNS Sprint or Stim Router. How are you feeling and doing now with the NALU?