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still working with small fiber neuropathy

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I'm guessing the hair loss is neuropathy because my scalp tingles, and it feels like bugs crawling around. Awful. The hair loss was one of the first problems I had, and the dermatologist was the first medical expert to suggest neuropathy. I thought I couldn't live without my hair. So hard. I really had beautiful hair. It defined me. Guess God taught me a lesson there. My preacher said to be,"You'd' be surprised what you can do." You are so sweet, Lori. I sure hope this new med gives you some relief from that pain. I'm so happy to hear the breast cancer surgery was a success. Thanks, Chris, I'm learning to be happy any day when I'm not in physical misery. Today is good. Iceblue,I agree that is weird about the tramadol. I sure hope you find what works. To all of you, I tried medical marijuana too, but it caused extreme anxiety. Admittedly, I didn't try all of the options. Maybe that would work for some of you.

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@swartzki - I am really sorry about the loss of your hair. I can relate just a bit because my hair used to be my 'crowning glory' too. I didn't lose it like you did, but about 10 years ago I had to cut and stop colouring it because it became extremely dry and brittle. Thankfully my natural hair colour (plenty of grey now!) is quite beautiful, it is much healthier, and although it took a long time - I've grown fond of my short hair.

I have the constant itchy scalp as well. I’ve experienced some hair thinning over the last year. I have not been diagnosed as of yet but the doctors suspect SFN and Fibromyalgia.
Best of luck to you all!