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@wgatap21 how often does your neck crack? Daily? Is it when you move a certain way? My neck cracks, rather loudly, once in a while (maybe once a month). It's quite loud and disconcerting, but I haven't pin-pointed what leads to this happening.

Are you planning to go to physical therapy to get exercises to build your neck muscles? If surgery can be avoided that would be my preference.

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@colleenyoung I have neck,knee,finger cracking my Dr said it is the cartilage releasing the gas that is caught in between the arthritis that I have .

@wgatap21, @colleenyoung, This is a post-surgery image of my titanium inserts. Evidently, sometimes the cracking is because one of the fusions did not fuse well enough. My surgeon warned me to wear the full brace for 3 months in order to ensure that the fusion was complete. I only threw the darn thing across the room once….when its annoyance overcame my caution.

Another thought is that the ligaments in the neck can pop or snap across the metal when the head is turned. To prevent that, I had my yoga guru design neck stretches for me. As long as I make them part of my daily practice, I don't hear the popping so much. And when I do hear it and feel it….not pain, just weird movement and sounds, I take a few moments to stretch the muscles and get things aligned again.

Do you make sure that your body is in alignment every day? What do you use to make sure?

May you be content and at ease. Chris

It’s constant. not loud. 2 doctors. certain exercises some arthritis and slight disc problem. very hard to eliminate! thx