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Mako Robotic Arm TKR Week Six

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@contentandwell Sadly it is cold and rainy here and I have no desire to brave the weather. Snow may fall next week. I think the mall will be okay. PT said in one month he expects me to look from the outside as if I did not have a TKR, in other words no difference between my gait and the gait of others. That doesn't mean the knee will feel normal, of course. I am now scheduled for PT once a week for the next six weeks, then we'll see where I am and go from there.

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@saeternes It definitely does not sound like good walking-outside weather. I am not a big outside walker myself but had been trying to get into it just before my fracture occurred. I hope by the time the better weather returns I will be back to being able to walk outside without limping up the street in pain. That is not appealing at all.
@ellerbracke A pressure-sensitive treadmill? I have never heard of that but it sure sounds like it would be a good thing for physical therapy.
I am sure the fun of having your son and grandchildren visiting outweighed the inconvenience, overall. That was probably one of those "happy to see them come, happy to see them leave" situations.

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