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Update – Went in for chemo port placement, sent home first time because had not gone off blood thinners. Anyway, went to Mayo Rochester and had port put in and first round of chemo cocktail; Dr wanted three chemo drugs (Fluorouracil, Oxaliplatin, Irinotecan) however since bilirubin number was still a bit high they did not give him the Fluorouracil. Was sent home with pump to pump more chemo for 48 hrs. Has not had any bad reactions to chemo so far – its has only been 24 hrs. He will do this for 2 times per month for 2-3 months in hopes to shrink tumor and kill any cancer cells prior to surgery. Not sure if I mentioned he is a type 2 diabetic, so struggling a bit with blood sugar control versus eating for strength. He does not have much of an appetite. Any suggestions on how to get through the chemo and what to eat… ? Thanks

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@minimia, I'm not an oncologist or nurse, so I'm only sharing my dad's experience. Some of these chemo drugs (oxaliplatin) can cause peripheral neuropathy (numbness or loss of feeling in the extremities, like feet and finger tips). This can also be a side effect of type 2 diabetes, so his cancer team will ask about the feeling in his hands and feet before every treatment. The side effects are cumulative. My dad had to be careful to use a glove when holding a glass of ice water. He liked to drink really cold water. And he always wore good soled slippers or sneakers even around the house for better stability.

The drugs do affect sugar levels too. You can ask to have a consult with a diabetes educator who specializes in cancer. She/he could provide counsel on what the "new normal" is for his sugar levels while on chemo. An oncology nutritionist can also help with recommendations for eating. Did you know that these services exist? Are you still in Rochester?

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